2016: a year with big challenges

Very happy to see God's hand in my life

Hi, everybody!

I'm very excited to share with you about the things that have been happening in the last few weeks. We are ‘back to work’ with parents at the Center for Children with Addiction Problems, and we feel very blessed to hear from them that our times are helping in their home situations. At the same time, the Spirituality Group, where we have a Bible study with the teenagers, is challenging us to give them something more. We have a couple of guys who are very consistent and we hope to receive more kids soon. Please pray for us and for God's guidance.

Meanwhile we (Paris and I) were invited for a Youth Week in a church near Mexico City. It was a good experience and it showed the possibilities that young people have to serve inside and outside the church. I feel blessed for the opportunity to serve and help others to discover how God can use their abilities and professions.

We continue giving talks and conferences for teenagers and parents about violence, decision-making and human trafficking. The reality is that the challenge is getting bigger. Young people receive information from many sources and many times it is full of violent messages or messages about consumption ~ not only of substances, but also of people.

Dreams Project and Immigration Issues

Kid traveling alone... a sad reality

A few weeks ago during our regular visit at the Immigration Center, I meet an 8-year-old who was traveling totally alone. His mother asked that he be sent from Guatemala, so his grandparents (he was living with them) did it. This was his third try; all attempts had failed. It was very painful to see a broken kid, crying and begging to return home to stay with his family. During the last 3 years I have seen and heard many things but this time it was harder, mainly because it was a child. I could feel his loneliness, and even when I tried to comfort him, he did not stop weeping.

On the way home, I thought about how broken our societies are, and how blind we are to insist on having what we want (things, children, people, etc.) without considering the risk and consequences that our desires bring.

We want to be better prepared to deal with these and other issues. We have around 15 families asking for the asylum; their stories are horrible: violence, children who are victims of rape, drugs, gangs, etc. I ask for your prayers for the team. There are 15 volunteers. Only with God’s help can we continue to listen to the migrants and walk with them in their time in Mexico.

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