SF6 Vest


Tornado Effects

Tornadoes are a really dangerous threat to human societies. It can cost them their lives and really cautious injuries. These furious diasters mostly occur around southern parts of the United States. You can discover more thunderstorms in this area which helps to form tornadoes and the air is very unstable.

Solution- Robosteins

Because of these problems, some genius experts came up with a creative solution. Their brilliant design is to create an inflamable vest. The vest contains a colourless, odourless, inflamable, deadly greenhouse gas called sulfur hexafluroide, which is 6x heavier than the density of air. This gas was used so the vest can get heavy to hold on to the person wearing it so they don't get sucked in the deathly storm. The vest is like a t'shirt which contains 5 straps 3 at the front and 2 at the back. In which if the blue strap is pulled the gas will release in the whole vest and if the other white straps are pulled the weights pops out.