Meet Elodie

Meara Gietl

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Name: Elodie Alexandra Parris

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Green

Age: 16

Favorite Color: Pink, but a classy, delicate pink. Not that tacky shade The Leech puts in her hair. (Ed. note: Believe "The Leech" refers to Miss Jenna Talbot).

Species: Dark Witch.

Relationship Status: VERY serious with Archer Cross. (Ed. note: The remainder of this space was then filled with variations on "Mrs. Archer Cross, Elodie P. Cross, Mrs. Parris-Cross", etc.)

What Do You Look For In a Friend?: Magical powers that are equal to mine, or at least not embarrassing; fashion sense; Loyalty.

What Do You Look For In a Guy?: He should ALSO be super powerful, magically-speaking; a good dresser; taller than me, but not TOO tall; excellent hair; hot enough to make other girls jealous, but NOT so hot that he looks better than me; a good dancer; a GREAT kisser; a- (Ed. note: Miss Parris's answers exceeded space allotted.)

Who Is Your Hero?: Elizabeth Bathory. For one, she was a CRAZY powerful Dark Witch, and also, girl knew sometimes suffering was required for beauty. (Preferably other people's suffering!)

What 3 Things Would You Take to a Deserted Island?: Please. Have you looked around Graymalkin Island? It might as well be deserted! No. Comment.(Ed. note: Graymalkin Island is where Hecate Hall is currently located.)

Lastly, Do You Have a Motto?: "The blackest chapter in the history of Witchcraft lies not in the malevolence of Witches but in the deliberate, gloating cruelty of their prosecutors." - Theda Kenyon

Um...okay, then. Thanks for that, El!