The Journey Of The Hat

Mikaela Budina

What is this hat?

The Ugg Hats have traveled very far throughout the world, but they are made in China. I am going to figure out the materials, the manufacturing process, and where it was, and how the product gets to me.

The Raw Materials Of The Beanie Hat

  • 50% Merino Wool, 30% Nylon, 20% Acrylic
  • Sheepskin.
  • This product contains real fur from sheep or lamb.
  • Fur origin: Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, or United States
  • Real fur has been artificially dyed and treated.
  • This product is made in China.
  • By UGG

  • I got my beanie on the online website, but I could've went to Nordstrom and got the beanie but it would be more expensive because of the extra money added to the price for retail.


    1. My beanie is ordered by a company that sells the hat, in this case its the brand UGG
    2. That then gets sent out to all of the suppliers which are Australia, Ireland, UK, and USA
    3. All of those supply's get sent on a very large cargo ship, which gets shipped to china
    4. From China it goes to a factory, where my hat is manufactured
    5. I order online for a beanie
    6. I then receive it after a few weeks and start wearing it

    That's a huge reason why I support Globalization

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    This map is the representation of globalization, and how I got my awesome beanie.

    On this link it has the map with the boxes of explanations.

    The Types Of Globalizaton


    • I paid only $15 for my beanie
    • That money is separated
    • Some of it goes to the transportation of the goods, the farmers for the raw materials on the farms, and the manufacturer
    • For the manufacturing part of my hat some of the people did not get paid enough for their labor

    - A solution to this problem is to give every worker a decent home and necessities, so that the workers can save up their money and give it to their families on the farms, and keep some for themselves.


    • The people making my hat have lived very hard lives with low pay
    • Smaller shoe businesses are losing their companies because of the UGG company, UGG also sells boots
    • Workers are dedicated to their work because this is the only work that they can get more pay than working on the farms
    • The workers are separated from their families so they can work to support them, but they can't see them all of the time
    - A solution to the families being separated is a mandatory vacation that each of the workers can have every month. They can still get paid for a five day vacation, and their is always another person working the shift that the worker is missing.


    • Technology has a big factor in how globalization effects us each day
    • In the united states we are able to use the internet to communicate with other countries, that helps us trade products that are needed to import and export for money
    • A huge factor that makes globalization happen are the cargo shipping containers and ships, without them I wouldn't of have half the things I have today
    • A problem with technology is that its easier for things to be hacked or spied on, like patents and other blueprints of ideas or things that could be products, and it could ruin another company if that ever got out

    - A solution that the problem of the technology being hacked is to use only cameras to record the patents and other major ideas, and when your ready to publicize the idea you can share it to the world online.


    • The Factories in less developed countries are creating more pollution which is hurting the environment
    • There are many factories near the coastlines of places so its easier to export goods/items
    • The smog effects the workers everywhere, workers are forced to work in this condition or they don't keep there "well paid jobs."
    - A solution to the pollution is to use less harsh chemicals and use other sources for power in the factories like, running water or sun panels.

    The four categories of globalization with their problems and solutions, have definitely effected the way my hat was made.

    UGG Oversized Cardy Beanie SKU: #7803099

    This video is a brief overview of what one of the beanie hats can look like

    This one has wool and nylon.


    The factory workers work very hard most work more than eight hour shifts and six days a week with little to no vacations. Unfortunately most of them cant be with the their families, only because they have to support them financially to help their farms. Working very hard for little pay can be very tough especially if you live in poor environments too. A solution to this problem and the workers unhappiness is that the factories should issue them to take five days off of work after every month to go see there families. They can still be paid as if they were working, and since so many people work at the factories in China, the vacations will be varied through out the month so that there is always enough people working and making products for consumers.
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    Knowing how to find where my product is from from the very fiber of the item and how it was made is very interesting to me. I can use this information in the future if I ever need to make a product and sell it I would have to know this process of the four types of globalization. I chose to use the beanie because it has a very clear route on where and how it was made, what its made up of too. A beanie hat is a perfect example of globalization because I wear it everyday, and its origin is from all over the world, and that's why it plays a huge role in my life.