Pick up your rubbish

Throw it in the bin

Pick up your rubbish please so we can make our school a better,cleaner and safer place. Help us do the right thing and make the teachers day! Do you hate it when you get squashed grapes stuck in your shoe? Do you nearly slip on a banana peel every day? Well all of this will stop if you pick up your rubbish and put it in the rubbish bin. Think of poor Mr. Bond how everyday he has to fish out all the rubbish in the wrong bin and pick up the rubbish all around the school. Now think of the pests that come and eat those scraps. We’re talking about cockroaches,bugs,spiders,birds, and and more! So please help make our school clean and make a difference.

National S.J.V clean up day!

Wednesday, May 28th 2014 at 12am-11:45pm


S.J.V clean up day. This is a day where you clean up S.J.V(or your school) to make it a better,cleaner and safer place for all students,teachers and parents/guardians, but remember just because there is a S.J.V clean up day doesn't mean you just clean up on this day, try to clean up every single day. The main goal of this day is that you clean up help make the world a better place⭐☺☺⭐.

The Rubbish Challenge

Sunday, Sep. 21st 2014 at 1-2:30pm

15 Oceana Terrace

Manly, QLD

The Main idea of this event is that three teams: Red,Yellow and Blue have to fill up their teams rubbish bin to the top to win. While the staff and student hosts will get all the rubbish they can find and hide it all around the school.

1.No other team can go into another teams bin and take rubbish out and put it into their own.
2.No students(excluding hosts) can't get rubbish from lunch boxes.

If any students disobeying the Rules they get these punishments:
1.You are disqualified from the event and if their teams wins they don't get a prize

2.If they have any unfinished work, they have to do the unfinished work until the event finishes