The Renaissnce

Antonio Reyes

What was the change?

During the renaissance, the change that was occurring was Art and Learning. This age hoped to bring back the life and culture of classical Greece and Rome. As a result, this led to the expansion of architecture, art, and learning. This change was also called the "Rebirth."

Who is associated with the change?

How did the change impact soceity at the time?


There are many ways people impacted society at the time. This was done by anyone with knowledge. But most importantly, this led to the achievements in art, painting, architecture, sculpture, and writing. This expressed important ideas and attitudes of the age.

How is that change seen in today's modern society?


Some of the achievements made back then (humanism) gave us ideas on how to examine the human body in our modern day society. Also, we have a much greater appreciation for art of all kinds thanks to the wonderful artists of that time. I believe we, humans, can now understand the world in wonderful ways from the ideas of the renaissance period.