Reasoning in Science

Katie and Deyonni

Observations and Inferences

How scientists make observations and inferences to make something easier to understand. So if something isn't clear they make it more clear to understand.


If you have an opinion, not everybody will agree. You think differently than someone else.

Scientific Facts

Scientists can tell when something is a fact or an opinion. If it is a fact it is a true statement. If it is an opinion it is something a person believes.

Facts and Opinions in Science

Scientists observe facts and opinions in science. They tell when they are different.


Observations - When you make an observation you'll either hear, smell, touch, taste, or see things

Inference - When you infer you make a guess based on an observation

Opinion - An opinion is something someone thinks or believes. You can not prove it is true.

Facts - A fact is a statement that you can prove is true

Science Facts - Science facts are facts about how the world works

Support - Something that supports a fact to help show that it is true