Happy New Year from BinWise

Starting 2016 On The Right Foot

We want you to have a Happy New Year and we know that a big part of that means having an accurate count of your year-end inventory! Below are some important pointers and best practices for getting ready to do your end of year count.

For the best accuracy at year’s end (as well as any time you count inventory):

  • Make sure all your wines/cases/bins are stickered correctly (fix any mis-labeling you’ve discovered throughout the year!)

  • Make sure all your scan sheets are updated – and saved! Remember that we now have a feature that enables you to create, save and update multiple scan sheets!

  • Make sure any open POs are closed if product has been received (the day before your inventory count)

  • Enter in any applicable invoices (the day before your inventory count)

  • Make sure all your POS sales are uploaded through the end of the year

  • Add items in inventory categories

  • Check your variance report from the last month and make sure you’ve addressed any major issues you had with the prior count so it won’t affect this final count of 2015.

Final steps to ensure the best count possible:

  1. Check your variance report for any count issues

  2. Fix the reasons behind the variances in the system

  3. If you have a long variance report, focus on variances for high cost items and items with high dollar variances.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to email us at support@binwise.com or to use the black Support boxes located throughout the BinWise site to get assistance.

Happy Counting!