Mission Statement

Goals For Life

Plans To Achieve My Goals

High School Goals

While I'm in high school I'm going to take CNA classes. So whenever I turn 18 I will be able to acquire my CNA license. I'll need my CNA license anyway because you have to have them to be any kind of doctor or nurse. While I'm taking my CNA classes I will volunteer at hospice to give me experience and to have something good to put on my resume for college. Whenever I go to college hospice or whoever I'm volunteering for will help me pay for college.

College Goals

When I graduate for the Early College I would like to attend either NC State University or Appalachian State University. I will get an undergraduate degree then I will also get my doctorate degree in foods and nutritional sciences to become a dietician. If I have time in between then I will get my personal trainer license.

Life Goals

After I graduate from College I'll move to Johnson City, Tennessee where some of my family lives. I will get a job at a family doctor and in my free time help people at the gym who want to get in shape.