Solar Nebular Theory

Trena Atchley

What is the Solar Nebular Theory?

The Solar Nebular Theory is a widely accepted motel of the solar system. this explains the formation and evolution of the solar system. it originally applied to the solar system only but the theory was able to explain the method of the plants formation.
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What does the Solar Nebular Theory state?

The Solar Nebular Theory describes a formation in the solar system made by a nebula cloud, made from dust and gas. People believe that the sun, moon, plants, and asteroids were all formed at about the same. This was approximately around 4.5 billion years ago from another nebula.

Who discovered and when was the Solar Nebular Theory developed?

The Solar Nebular Theory was discovered in the 18th century by Emanuel Swedenborg, Immanuel Kant, and Pierre-Simon Laplace. After some arguments with Kant about a couple things they announced it to the rest of the world.
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