About Me

Fatima Lopez

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I was born in Monterrey, Mexico.

My birthday is on October 30th, 1997. Since it's one day before Halloween, I had costume parties for my birthday when I was a little girl. Each year I dressed as something different, I got to dress as a cowgirl princess,Cinderella, a butterfly and even a hippie!

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Educational Background

At the end of 5th grade I moved from Carrollton, TX to Coppell, TX and ever since then I've lived in Coppell. Although, these two towns are only about 15-20 minutes apart, the community and schools are very different.

In Carrollton, I went to GT camps over the summer, we did expirements and projects that were so fun! When I moved to Coppell, I didn't really do any extracurricular activities. But, during elementary and middle school I was part of the GT program until I switched to Pre-AP and Regular classes last year in 9th grade.


Favorite Quote

" I can't tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone."

-Ed Sheeran

I really like this quote because it tells me to be myself and not what others want me to be because then I'll end up unhappy.