By: Edward bloor

What is happening in this book?


1) lake Windsor is the lake Paul and his family moved too.

2) lake Windsor had strange things that happen at certain times.

3) Paul is special and notices things many people don't notice.

4) lake Windsor does some weird things that everyone is already used to so they don't notice anything strange about it.

5) The first night Paul and his family moved to tangirine they woke up to a smell. They think it is a fire in the house but are shocked to find out that it is a muck fire that unfortanetly happens every day.

6) it rains a lot at lake Windsor

7) lightning strikes a lot and that starts the muck fire

8) lightning strikes at the place and time everyday

9) Paul notices these strange things

10) people think Paul is weird and strange for noticing these things.


Eric and Paul are brothers but have a weird relationship. Eric is more like the popular one that everyone likes and Paul just stands in his shadow. Eric is a bull especially to Paul. Everyone likes Eric, Paul feels like everyone likes him better espically his dad. Paul feels like his father loves Eric and has no feelings for him. There father had big hopes and dreams for Eric and would sacrifice anything for him. He calls in the Eric Fisher football dream. Paul and his brother are complete opposites. Paul is mad fun of a lot.


- Eric is Pauls big brother. You know how that can be. Eric bullies Paul alot and it is even worse because paul is "special" lots of people make fun of him and call him eclips boy and this causes Paul to be even more insucure about his disability that he tries to convince him self he doesent have. Another conflict is that Eric faces some rivalry while trying out for the football team. Other boys want to be on that team and want to play the same place as him so he ends up practicing even more! The last conflict is that Paul is trying to discover the mysteries of the town and since he has his "disability" and is "special" he thinks things are happening for reasons weirdly.



1) during practice mike was leaning up against the feild goal.

2) lighting struct and hit the feild goal

3) Mike was electrocuted and flew up in the air

4) he landed flat on his back on the goal line

5) Erick came home

6) he shared the bad news



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