Ice Dogs

Book Talk


The fourteen year old girl named Victoria loves nothing more then her 16 Alaskan huskies.

Like her dad she loves racing, and races to win. But after her fathers untimely death, Vicky and her mom are at odds. Vicky could never leave Alaska, but her mom keeps talking about leaving and moving back to Seattle.

But after on fight with vicky's mom changed the next five days of her life. After a fight with her mom, vicky decides to go take some of her dogs and go for a run. As she is sleding vicky pulls her dogs to a stop. She sees a boy who crashed in a tree on a snow mobile. With a large gash on the boys head and a blizzard comming as well as night, what will Victoria do. Will she try to save the boy and risk her life or will she just leave him to die.


I think this book will be a great one for thoughs who get hooked on a action packed thrillers. Also if you like dogs and a tiny bit romance this book is for you.

My opinion

My opinion on "Ice Dogs" is exlent. Because the author puts in extra detail when it is needed and does not put in extra detail when it is not required. Also the cover tells some things about the book. How the author decribed the characters was in a nice detailed way. She put the right amount of detail about the characters, which helps you connect with the them. Her writing was awsome. Her writing was writen like a professional. Even though this is her first book.

But over all this book should get a well deserved 5 stars.