Ancient Greece

Life in Sparta

Discipline, obedience, and courage were valued above everything else. Men learned this at an early age. Men learned how to fight at the age of 12 so they could join the military. Official military training started at age 18. By the age of 20 they were in the military. Women were also expected to be strong, athletic, and disciplined. Because men in Sparta were often in war the women had more rights then most Greek women. They owned house holds and land. Chores like spinning cloth, and weaving were left to slaves. They also received physical training, like running, jumping, wrestling, throwing javelins.


Lycurgus created Sparta's social system. This creation occurred after a slavery revolt. The military's role was increased in society. They Spartan's believed that a stronger military power would help prevent any future revolts. Daily life reflected on this in Sparta.


  • ruled by kings and officials
  • emphasis on physical education
  • known for powerful and disciplined army
  • Sparta's main rival was the Athens


Sparta was ruled by two kings. However elected officials had more power. The officials ran day to day activities. The government was set to to control the slaves. The slaves greatly outnumbered Sparta, but they didn't rebel due to fear of the army.