The Great Depression

the great project on the great depression

Black Tuesday

On October 29, 1929 the stock market crashed caused the u.s to go into a economic depression because of the liability of the stock market. Almost all industrial companies relied on the stock market supplying jobs for most people, giving them money when the stock market crashed lots of people went unemployed destroying the farmers because no one had money to buy their products therefore destroying the whole u.s economy.
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To Make Matters Worse

During the great depression a 10 year drought was in central america which caused the biggest dust storm in the u.s. The dust of the dust bowl was able to kill people from inhaling the dust. People had to stay inside or else their throats will clog making it hard to breathe or maybe die.

It comes to an end

World war 2 is known as the war to end all wars when japan attacked the u.s at pearl harbor it was what pulled the U.s into the war. When the U.s entered the war it opened jobs assembling the jeep and other weapons. The building of the hoover dam and other things opened many jobs for other Americans.
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