Wylie East High School


About Wylie East

Wylie East started as a freshman center in 2007 and changed to a full-fledged high school in 2008. This year our eighth graduating class will walk across the stage, and we've gone from a small high school on the other side of town, to a competitive force in all areas of academic and extra-curricular contests.

Our current student population is over 1900 with a staff of almost 200 and our campus is predicted to show the largest growth over the next few years.

Big picture

Change is Good!

The library made many changes this year, from the appearance of the space, to the placement of the books on the shelves.

We added a different flooring and new furniture, but the most exciting thing is that we finished genrifying our library. All of the fiction books are now grouped into thirteen categories by their overriding theme and then in alphabetical order by the author's last name. This makes it easier to find similar books and browse specific types of books.

The best part has been the student's reactions to the changes, they're loving the new look and the ease of finding new books.

Collaborative Projects and Lessons

Plant Biology- Biology Classes spend two days in the library looking at plant adaptations and describing the ways that plant change to thrive in their environment.

Harlem Renaissance- U.S. History Classes spend two days in the library watching videos, reading poems, listening to musci from the Harlem Renaissance. Then they describe the good and bad that came from this time period and the influence it had on all walks of life.

Database research- finding resources and evaluation resources to all levels of English from Freshman to Senior.

Multiple Book Talks- all levels of English classes

Freshman Library Orientation- all Freshman students.

Professional Learning

Attend monthly district library meetings

Google training and Level 1 certification

Texas Library Convention and Tech Day

Attend English PLCs

Member of Literature Review Committee

The Numbers

We see 305 students per day, not including full classes that come in with their teachers. Many of our students come in before school and at lunch.

We average 3 to 5 classes per week along with numerous group meetings and activities.

The library is defintely the hub of the school!

We have a collection of 11,091 items, with 84% print and 16% digital, for a total of 5.8 items/student. This number is low and our plan is to grow the number of digital items along with increasing the number of print items.

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