by Rebecca Ciarla


Globalization is how technology, the economy, the environment, and cultures of different regions affect the interaction of people.
Globalization: What Does It Really Mean?

Categories of Globalization

Cultural: the sharing of different cultures and how different nations are influenced by other nations. An example would be how in London they enjoy learned indian dances.

Environmental:when the world's nations work together to improve and be aware of environmental issues. An example would be how the united nations meet to discuss fossil fuels and such.

Economical: when the people of the world interact through the sharing of products and investments economically. An example would be how the United States purchases products from all around the world.

Technological: the sharing and interacting through and by technology around the world. An example is how our society today is able to communicate online with ease.


Technology has gotten so advanced because of globalization that it has effected the way we do things like communicate. Technology is also so advanced that stuff comes to our fingertips so quickly we don't have to search for information the way they did back in the days.

Solution: People should be taught how to use old school methods in order to make them think more. The internet should only be used as a tool not as a main source for everything.

Some pros and cons of gloablization.
Pros and Cons of Globalization

Winter Coat

Manufactured by Axcess of liz claiborne and is made Ukraine

Welcome to Ukraine

Ukraine Natural resource map

The area that is most polluted is the area where most of the people live.

The area that has poor water quality is because of the pollution from the large population of people in the east.

The most populated area in the east has water security so that poor water is made acceptable to drink. Having this water security is why it is more populated there. Not as many people live in other areas of the country because of poor water quality.

Population Map of Ukraine

The most populated area is in the east, where there is a river that leads to the black sea.

The middle of Ukraine is less populated because of the mountains.

Physical Map of Ukraine

Transportation Map of Ukraine

Using a train to transport people and goods is the main way of transportation in the Ukraine.
Transport - Kyiv - Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi

Language Map of Ukraine

"Reading the Map"

-The second most spoken language after Ukrainian is Russian.


-There is a large influence of Russian culture on the culture in the Ukraine.


The reason that Russia was able to invade the eastern Ukraine was because there is a large influence of Russian culture which became an excuse to the Russians because they could say that they are just protecting the Russian-Ukrainians.

How did it get here??

There is a wool farm on the border of Ukraine and Northern Romania. The wool fom that farm was sent to the liz claiborne manufactoring company in Eastern Ukraine. The manufactured coat was then sent to the Luhansk International airport which then flew the products over to California. The product was then taken from the plane and was shipped on a truck to the jcpenny store in Manchester New Hampshire. My aunt then went into to store and bought the jacket. Once payed for she took it in her car and brought it to her house in Nashua. I then drove up to Nashua and got the coat and drove in back home.
Ukraine's history
Ukrainian History: WWI to 2014 Revolution

Glabalization and ME

Each morning I get out from under my comforter which was made in Pakistan. I then get dressed in clothing thats from all over the world. Many of my clothing is made in China but a handful of my shirts are from many different countries. My phone from China is what wakes me up every morning. My notebooks for school are from China.

-I depend on globalization in order to get myself ready each and every morning.

I eat fruit in the morning from all of the world. I depend on the products from other countries in order to get through my day. It is quite amazing that I am able to do that.

Of course there are many components to globalizaion, both good and bad. In my life the good part of globalization is that I am able to get clothing and products and food from all over the world. The down side of globalization is I very rarely find myself going to local busisses. I tend to go to the bigger stores because there is usually more variety. This can be a bad thing though because the little busnisses aren't successful. With so many poeple going to bigger stores, it is very unlikely that the small businesses would survive. This is all because of globalization.

If I took globalization out of my live I would have extremely limited amount of products. When searching for my products I found that very few of them were made in America. That being said if we ony had stuff made in America then we wouldn't have many of our neccesities. However, possibly if we did "stop" globalization there would be more U.S products because we would have to make up for what we lost. Globalization is a huge part of our lives and without it we would struggle for quite some time until we could regain our ground.

An easy way to fix some of the problems in my life from Globalization would be to go to those smaller stores and support them.