The Scare Games

find out why you get scared and why you like getting scared

Can sound scare you?

Sound is one of the many aspects game designer needs to use to scare the player even more then the things in the game. We know that sudden sound or slow sound can scare you a lot, but do you know why? It's because most scary sounds try to mimic the sound of a baby crying but they modify it to where you don't know that it is mimicking it, it doesn't have to be a baby crying it could also be a kid screaming. The reason it scares people so much is because we fear the destruction of our young it's built in through generations of people.

Your brain's fear and anticipation

Your brain is responsible for why you get scared of shadows or dark places. The part of the brain responsible for this is called the amygdala, It can help you react quickly in threatening situations like being stranded on an island or if your brain thinks your in a threatened situation. Another part of the brain that keeps you coming back to horror games like five

nights at Freddy's, is anticipation. It doesn't take something big to keep your brain coming back to these games, all it might need is some flashing lights and hooraying children to make you like the game even more. Your brain always likes getting rewards for doing something and if the rewards get better or unlock more knowledge of the game your brain will never get enough. Game designers use this trick in almost every game they make no wonder we like them so much.

Dread and fight or flight

This video from brain games by talks about lots of different types of fear that you can have. Here are four, Dread, fight, flight, and frozen in fear. Dread is when you are very scared but you know there's no going back. Fight of flight are more common than dread because your brain has to make an assumption if you can take down the danger or if you need to run away from it. The last one is being frozen in fear, most people don't think it would be wise but it actually confuses predators. So you can thank your brain for helping you out of scary situations.

can changing the light of the room make a game scarier?

The answer is yes, most people are afraid of the dark because when humans were at the bottom of the food chain most predators hunted in the dark. Your brain has adapted to thinking that something might be in the dark like a predator or a harmful person. This feature is what most horror games use because it's so affective and they usually use this feature with scary sounds to create a maximum scare affect.

Addicting horror games

Most well funded horror games apply the atributes previusly mentioned in brain games. They use these attributes because they are affective in creating horror games. Most horror movies try to use the same attributes for the movies
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which gender gets scared the most

I think the females get scared more often because on this double bar graph I surveyed 5 girls and 5 boys and the average of the girls getting scared is larger than boys

What does it mean to be scared out of your mind?

This means you were so scared you couldn't think so your brain made a quick solution to the problem that might not have been best. Most of the time you'll se this in a threatening situation, but another place this could happen In a haunted house. Your brain will quickly

decide whether to runaway, freeze, or fight whatever threat may be there.

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