Healthy Living Program Overview

What is the program all about?

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Congratulations on deciding to be a healthier version of you!

If you are reading this flyer, you are intrigued about our Healthy Living Program and taking your health to a better place than what it is today. This flyer is designed to give you an overview of our program and how we can support you in your health journey.

Many people have done our 30 days to healthy living program and have achieved their weight loss goals. Whilst weight loss is possible it's not the only focus of the program. Our main focus is to help people create a healthy lifestyle and develop a better understanding of healthy eating so that they have more energy, create a platform for excellent health and ultimately feel happier in who they are.

At the core of our program is whole food clean eating. Whilst this concept is not new, what is incredibly powerful is that we have products and resources you need to ensure your success.

Food is they medicine, and we show you how to eat right, so you are the best version of you.

Who is this program designed for?

  • People who want to optimise their health
  • People who want to lose weight in a healthy way
  • People who want to uncover food sensitivities
  • People who experience fatigue, foggy thinking, poor sleep, poor digestion, excess weight
  • People who want a lifelong transformation that is easy to fit into their life

What is the 30-Day Program?

  • Whole foods clean eating program
  • Elimination program to help uncover food sensitivities
  • Weight loss platform
  • Body cleanse, allowing your elimination organs to rest and maximise their function
  • Education, tools, resources, and support for a life-long healthy lifestyle

The Program is not:

  • About pushing your body to unrealistic limits
  • A liquid diet
  • A deprivation diet
  • A fast
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What will you have to do?

  1. Eliminate allergenic/toxic/addictive ingredients from your diet
  2. Use Arbonne nutritional products.
  3. Eat regular healthy meals throughout the day and eat in the proper proportions
  4. Weekly check-ins with your coach
  5. Follow our private Facebook group for education, information and inspiration

You will be guided on each of these steps.

What can you expect?

  • The program is free with the purchase of the recommended products used during the program. No additionally monthly fee is charged. Retail value is $520; your investment is approximately $312. This equates to approximately $10 per day and includes breakfast option, lunch option and snacks for the day. A fantastic deal!
  • You will receive a detailed program guide with information on the program
  • Access to our private Facebook group with FREE healthy talks and education
  • Tools, resources including shopping lists, recipes and worksheets.
  • A private accountability coach to guide you through the 30 days
  • The first week can be challenging for some as they may feel withdrawal symptoms as their body gets used to a cleaner diet.
  • Expect to have more energy and feel better than you've felt in a long time.
  • Women can expect to lose 3-8 kilograms the healthy way. Men can expect to lose 5 - 10 kilograms.

Why do we use Arbonne products?

The use of Arbonne products is critical as these products provide the extra nutrients that we cannot get enough of through our diet alone. This in turn aids in the functioning of the body's systems. Secondly, most of us are too busy to make 3-4 perfect meals each day. The products are "easy buttons" or "fast foods" to make sure we're getting the proper nutrients in the proper proportions at each meal. These products are what make the program do-able for most of us and give us the greatest chance of success reaching our goals.

  • Arbonne's products follow the philosophy of our Healthy Living and Beyond Program.
  • Arbonne's products provide you with a holistic approach for internal and external health.
  • Arbonne's products are pure, safe and beneficial and are botanically based, certified vegan and formulated without gluten, dairy, soy, artificial sugars and flavours.

Watch the following video to give you an explanation of Arbonne's products.

What do I do next?

  • Contact your Arbonne Consultant to help you get started
  • Order your products
  • Clean out some of your more tempting foods from your cupboards
  • Weigh yourself and find a pair of pants that fit you well right now
  • Take a few photos of yourself from a few different angles

Want to understand more?

Check out the following video.
Overview 30 Days to Healthy Living--Dr Tanda Cook

So where to from here?

Some people will sit and think, whilst others will jump in and take action to get their health back on track immediately. If you are the person that wants to improve their health, then download and complete the form today and send a copy to your consultant. Saying YES to the program will get you started on the path to feeling your healthy, happy, true self again.

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