Barnes and Noble book event

Mrs.Crawdad will appear at Barnes & Noble at The Parks Mall

Mrs. Crawdad, the Curious Crustacean, comes out of her shell and goes to The Parks Mall

Mrs. Crawdad goes to Barnes and Noble in Arlington this Saturday to celebrate kids youthful curiosity and help kids discover their own passions. Through the "Mrs. Crawdad" stories, the humble Mrs. Crawdad subliminally leads kids along rocky paths that will help them "gain traction" and teach them how to NOT lose their footing in their own lives. All four of my books in the Curious Crustacean series of stories about Mrs. Crawdad promise to inspire kids to "come out of their own shell", to explore new perspectives and to learn something new about themselves. Through their natural curiosity, kids like Mrs. Crawdad, have an appetite for adventure, excitement and an affinity for self-discovery. Come out and join Mrs. Crawdad this Sat. at Barnes and Noble located at the Parks Mall in Arlington beginning at 10a.m. til 4p.m. Tons of authors will be there for you to meet. We will be happy to share our books with you!

Book signing and story time with Kristin Bryan, the author of the Curious Crustacean series, about Mrs. Crawdad.

Saturday, Sep. 20th, 10am

3811 S Cooper St

Arlington, TX

The "Crawdad Lady" reaches out to elementary age children to teach them how to come "out of their shell", believe in themselves.

COME OUT TO THIS FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT to meet Mrs. Crawdad and have your book signed by the author

Mrs. Crawdad learns to appreciate others and she finds that it is good to be different. Mrs. Crawdad teaches the reader to rejoice and be glad that they are unique and different from others.