Wild Boar

By: Allison Briggs

Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) Description

The head is relatively large and has rather short legs. The Boar's fur consists of stiff bristles that come in brown, dark grey, black, and sometimes rarely white. The white Boar's are usually found Asia. Adult boars can measure from 90 to 200 cm (35 to 79 in) in length not counting the tail length.


Location of Wild Boars

Wild Boars are over populating the world. They breed and breed and create bigger, more aggressive duplicates of one another. They are reaching more parts of the world as I speak. They originated from North Africa and where shipped to the British Iles, Korea, etc. Now they are migrating to people's yards in the cities in Texas.

Problems from Wild Boars

Because Wild Boars are so over populated they are causing diseases every where they migrate to. In the rivers they lay their feces and urinate in causing the water to be poisonous to other animals and humans. They are also carrying harmful pesticides on them leaving a trail behind them as they move to find new spot to live. Most of all the are very dangerous. They charge and attack anything that is in their way. They kill and hurt people in the person's own land.

Stopping the Population of Boars

People are now realizing that this is becoming a problem. Groups of brave hunters go into the populated regions and hunt them. Then they donate the Boar's meat to orphanages and shelters.

Will it be Stopped?

I think there could possibly be a change if more people get involved and actually try. But being realistic, I don't think its going to happen. At the rate they are breeding... I think It will take a long time before we get the number of Wild Boars under control.