Paige Gustafson

Typing Web

1. Grate way to learn how to type with challenges that start easy and get harder.

2. Teaches you all the rows and even numbers.

3. You learn were to place your hand on the key bored.


  1. You get to be u with your movie.
  2. There are movies and trailers.
  3. grate way to learn for the movie makeing

Career Locker

1. learn what the computer thinks you might like

2. find your dream job

3.learn about the job and the school

Haiku Deck

1.use it for a project

2. get pictures from app

3. you can use the app eny were u go

Explain Everything

1. grate teaching tool

2. you can explain how to do a concept

3. kids will love the way of teaching

Hour of Code

1. Gets kids wont to go to school and get a job when older.

2.have fun learning how to make a game.

3. inspires kids

Email Etiquette

1. a way to new the proper way to send a email

2. helps with spelling

3. and how to just do a email