Siberian Tiger Endangered

By: Alejandro Garcia

Siberian tiger

Scientific name: panthera Tigris altaica

Population: 540

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When a baby Siberian tiger is born it estimates at a height of 3ft. The Siberian tiger baby's are called Amur tiger. The Siberian tiger baby's stay with their moms 2-3 years. The mother Siberian tiger usually has 2-6 baby's. A mother Siberian tiger gives birth every 2 years to one baby unless their twins.

10 Fun facts about Siberian Tigers

1. Siberian tigers have a population of 540 Siberian tigers left

2. The scientific name of a Siberian tiger is panthera Tigris altaica

3. Siberian tigers are the largest cats in the world

4. Every Siberian tiger has a different striped pattern in their fur

5. Siberian tigers have thick fur which helps them in the winter

6. Siberian tigers habitat overlaps big predators such as bears and wolves

7. Siberian tigers are endangered

8. Adult Siberian tigers can weigh up to 700 Ib

9. Siberian tigers are solitary animals

10. Siberian tigers hunt in groups

Wrap up!

The Siberian tiger is endangered because their losing their habitats. People all around the world are making new buildings that are making animals lose their habitats , that means 50 percent chance that the animals that lost their habitats might be extinct or endangered. Law makers and activists are starting to prevent Siberian tiger poaching so the Siberian tiger won't become extinct.
Most Endangered Species & Threatened Species: Siberian Tigers on the Endangered Species List
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