By: Jacob Dubord

History of Ford

Henry Ford is the Person who made ford. He started by making a bicycle with a gasoline engine. So on June 4th 1896 in Detroit, Michigan, Henry ford made the quadricycle. this was a cycle with four wheels and a gasoline engine. ford said ¨it looked like a buggy without a horse. he sold this for $200 ( which was over $1,000 back then ). he used this money to make another auto-mobile. he made these auto-mobiles so it could do the work for a horse.

The progression of Ford

When his company first started, he sold his products to rich Americans. Also at the time he worked for the Detroit auto mobile company. Then his first shop in Canada opened and called it ford. then in 1911, the first over seas ford company was made in England. two years later it was world-wide. Now in 2015, Its a muti-billion dollar company that got the record for longest distance without refueling. this car was called the think. it had 50 miles per gallon. this company is better now than in 1900's because when it first started it built 10,000 cars a day. now it builds over 100,000 cars a day!

Impact on Ford

Ford had a big impact on popularity because it changed how we travel.why? because ford invented the first car. Also we would use a lot more horses. finally there would not be any races with race cars. without ford the only way we would travel is feet, horses and boats.

Who is Henry Ford?

Henry Ford is the person who made the company ¨ford¨. he made this invention because he wanted the rich and average to have an auto-mobile to do the work for a horse. some information about Henry Ford is when he thought of the idea of a auto-mobile with a gasoline engine, everyone thought he was crazy. but after a couple years, everyone thought he was smart and wanted his invention. also in the 1950 when we was getting older, he made a hospital in Detroit Michigan called Henry ford hospital.
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Whats the best product sold?

The best seller today is the ford-focus. the most important product sold is the cross-trainer. this car is a family car that is a sports utility velical that has an air bag.
2014 Ford Escape - TV Commercial