Deb Meade

7-12 Instructional Collaborator

Serving Students by Supporting Teachers

My Background...

I graduated from Iowa State University with a B.A. in English and a 5-12 Reading endorsement. I began teaching middle school reading at Jefferson-Scranton Middle School in 1990. I later attended the University of Northern Iowa and completed the Master of Arts degree program to become a K-12 Reading Specialist. I have been teaching in the Hampton-Dumont district since 1998. In my time here, I have taught sixth and seventh grade reading and language arts, middle school ELL reading and writing, and high school English. I am currently teaching college Composition I and II and serving as a 7-12 Instructional Collaborator.

How can I assist you and your students?

Instructional & Classroom Supporter

Data Facilitator

Resource Provider

PLC Team Collaborator

Confidential Partner

Professional Developer

Student Growth Advocate

I do not claim to be an expert in your classroom, but I would love to collaborate with you in designing and implementing a plan to meet the goals you have set for your students.