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Backpack Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing (4th Edition) By X.J. Kennedy & Dana Gioia

Used it ENGL 1302

ISBN# 978-0-205-15166-0


Discovering a Voice: A Rhetoric for Writers (2nd Edition) By Robert Miller

Used it in ENGL 1301 with Robert Miller

ISBN# 978-1-59871-361-9


Your LSC Experience (Two-Year College Edition) By John N. Gardner & Betsy O. Barefoot

Used it in HUMD 0330 with Sharon Caleb

ISBN# 978-1-4576-6658-2


Fundamentals of Statistics (4th Edition) By Michael Sullivan III

Used it in MATH 1342 with Darryl Egley

ISBN# 978-0-321-83870-4

$100.00 (Negotiable)

America: A Narrative History (9th Edition) (Vol. 1) By David E. Shi & George Brown Tindall

Used it in HIST 1301 with Jacqueline Waller

ISBN# 978-0-393-91263-0


For the Record: A Documentary History of America (5th Edition) (Vol. 1) By David E. Shi & Holly A. Mayer

Used it in HIST 1301 with Jacqueline Waller

ISBN# 978-0-393-91940-0


College Algebra By Robert Blitzer (No Access Code) [Loose Leaf] w/binder

Used it in MATH 1314 with Vincent Polito

ISBN# 978-1-269-34540-8


Reflect and Relate: An Introduction To Interpersonal Communication (3rd Edition) By Steven McCornack [Loose Leaf] w/binder

Used in SPCH 1318 with Dr. Diana Cooley

ISBN# 978-1-4576-0468-3