Room 113 News November 24

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Recently, we have moved away from counting as a strategy for adding and subtracting and have tried adjusting. In addition, this is expanding the idea of "make 10." Students are encouraged to make "friends of 10", or multiples of 10 when adding numbers. (see below)

In subtraction, students are also adjusting numbers to the closest landmark, but are doing so by adding a number to both numbers in the number sentence. (see below)

If your child cannot count by 10 easily, this is a great home learning opportunity. Start at numbers other than 10 and count up and back by 10s to build confidence.

This skill is imperative for students to master so that they can learn the more advanced strategies that will be taught in the coming weeks.

Starting Tuesday, Mr. Allen(another 2nd grade teacher) and Mr. Hagen will trade a small group of students during math time each day. We will both focus on the same fundamental skills, but our activities and approaches will be slightly different.

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Homework Reminders

Reminders about Homework:

- homework organizers need to be signed Monday- Thursday evening. See the picture below if you are unfamiliar with this. By signing the organizer, you are telling Mr. Hagen that homework was completed.

- part of reading each night is 5 minutes of discussion...if you no longer have the discussion guide, click the link below to download it....also...encourage part of the nightly reading to be done aloud

- contact Mr. Hagen if homework is a burden or causing disruptions at home

Information from September 22nd

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Our class has started writing nonfiction books. Talk to your child about what they know a lot about. This unit of study will not involve students researching facts at school, but will draw on what they already know. Our current unit of study in reading also supports success in nonfiction writing. Today, our class planned our nonfiction books by selecting big ideas that chapters could be about. Students listed these big ideas in their table of contents. Yesterday, we went on a nonfiction text feature hunt to prepare students to incorporate the features of nonfiction into their own books. Students published this work to their seesaw account.

Passions Day

Passions Day will be next Tuesday, December 1st. Students in 2nd grade will stay on campus and will have opportunities for exploration and creativity. There will be 15 different areas that 2nd and 3rd graders can choose spend time in. Each area will provide materials for students to explore. Students will be given tasks to complete. This is an opportunity for students to explore areas of interest.

What Parents need to know:

- students will come to school in their PE uniforms and can choose to bring clothes for messy activities to change into.

- this is an early dismissal day and school will end at 1:00pm

- students will eat lunch at school and you DO NOT need to send food


7.30-8.00 Immersion activity

8.00-8.45 “Tour”

8.45-9.05 Snack / RECESS

9.05-10.30 First Session

10.30-11.15 RECESS / LUNCH - covered area of sidewalk next to soccer fields

11.15-12.30 Second Session

12.30-1.00 Reflection / Closing

Please watch the video we will use to kick off our day:

Not a Box

Looking Ahead and Reminders:

  • Friday, November 27 is Back and Gold spirit dress day. Students can show their school spirit by wearing black and gold.

  • SeeSaw-did you know you can share your child’s items with family members? When you are looking at an item in your child’s online journal, look at the bottom right corner (under the like and comment box) for the symbol. Press this, and you can share your item via email, message and many more.

  • PE Celebration of Learning is on December 4. Please read the PE blog (linked on the right hand side of this webpage) for more information.

A request:

With passion day fast approaching Ms. Barness and Mr. Allen would like to ask a favor of you all. They will be providing an opportunity for children to engage in a ‘small world’ creation activity and need your help to make it happen.

Small worlds give children a really wonderful learning experience, and allow them to set their imaginations loose, be creative, and interact in a shared environment based on THEIR ideas. The activities will be all about active learning, strong communication, and encouraging the exchange of ideas in small and large groups.

In order to give children this opportunity they are asking you to send in some recyclable objects that children can then ‘repurpose’.

Please send:

· Cardboard boxes (the sort you get your shopping in at villa, and smaller ones like shoe boxes or smaller ones)

· Toilet rolls (just the inside, not the paper – although we could use that as well)

· Old material that might otherwise not be used. Many an ocean has been made from large pieces of blue fabric.

· Egg cartons

· Paper cups

· Any old small people or animal figures that you have wanted to get rid of but keep shoving to the back of a closet.

All of the above can be dropped off at Mr. Allen’s room (215)

Thank you for your support, we are looking forward to immersing ourselves in some wonderful ‘new’ worlds.