The Brushy Creek Crisis


The Trail

Brushy Creek has a new trail. It is 15 miles long!! It also has stops on the way like pavilans and playscapes! They even have bathrooms! It would be the perfect trail to jog on or take a long bike ride.

The Crisis

Their are so many cool things about the park! However, because they have those cool things they need more energy. That is were the problem comes in. They need to connect there energy to Leander with power lines. They will need 2.5 miles of them to get more energy! Not only that, the ground underneath will have to be cleared which loses 2.5 miles of vegetation!!


Did you know that it would take 2833 of me(I am 4' 8'') to reach Leander's poles. Equation: 13325/ 4 2/3 or x. The x represents your height.

Did you know it would only take 10 towers for them to reach Leander! That means each tower is 1300 ft apart! Ratio: 1 tower:1300 ft.

The loss of vegetation in square feet would be 400 ft! That means anyone around a pole will not have vegetation. Equation: 13200 x 100. x could be 13200 ft and replace the length.

Did you know it would take 28 Daragh's to reach the height of the tower. 140/x. The x could be your your height.

Will You Help?

If the power lines did not pass your house, still think about the people who are having a power line in there lawn and can't grow any plants because of lost vegetation. Will you help?