I'm Brendan Linzmaier

The freshman that gets mistaken for a sophomore everyday

The boy with exceptional eyes

My grandfather gave me my blue eyes, and 18 years of age and stress have turned them into the gray-blue hue they are now. My eyes have always gave me definition when it comes to my appearance, and are easily one of the most memorable parts of my figure. They are also a great ice breaker because everyone loves pretty eyes.

Michigan born, Florida raised

I was born in Royal Oaks, MI and lived in Brighton, MI until 2005 when I moved to Ponte Vedra, FL. I stayed in Ponte Vedra for a few years, and ended up moving into a town house with my mother when my parents got divorced. Currently, I now live in Jacksonville, FL in the suburbs of Mandarin.

What is my major?

As of now, I am an Aerospace Engineering major, but it's subject to change in the coming semester depending on whether or not I really want to stick with it. I selected Aerospace Engineering because I think the space industry is really interesting and there is so much to discover and explore. A goal of mine as an aerospace engineer would be to be a part of the development of the next spacecraft that takes man to Mars in 2025.


I joined the EXCEL program because I like all the academic support if offers me. As a student, I know how difficult school can be at times, so I appreciate what the program stands for. Additionally, undergraduate research opportunities are very lucrative, and somewhat rare, so I am excited to get the chance to participate in that.

How will EXCEL help me excel?

I think EXCEL will facilitate my progression in my math courses, as well as give me additional opportunities to meet other students, professors, and specialists in the aerospace industry. I think theses opportunities will propel me to achieve great success in my first year at UCF, and will prepare me for greater success in the future.

Unique Fact

I don't really have a special talent, or a extraordinary use of some bodily joint or limb; but what I do have is big heart. One thing that every single one of my friends will tell you about me is that I will do almost anything for them, and I think that is important because nothing else matters besides the people that you care about. Nothing is more important to me than having my friends' and loved ones' backs.

Here are some pictures of friends and I

I am definitely a sports fan! Here are some of the teams I support.