The Heart of South America

Fun Facts about Paraguay

  • The capital of Paraguay is Asuncion
  • The population is 6,623,252
  • The location is central South America, making the country's nickname, "The Heart of South America".
  • The official language is Spanish and Guarani.
  • Declared independence from Spain on May 14, 1811.

Historical Sites and Landmarks

  • Petroglyphs~ The Ita Letra and Gasory Rock shelter what appears to be ancient writing.
  • Ojo del Mar~ A small lake in the middle of a pristine forest. According to legend, the lake has no bottom and people should not swim there, otherwise some mysterious force would swallow them.
  • San Buenaventura Church~ A franciscs church with beautiful, ornate woodcarvings which was built between 1640-1700.
  • Itaipu Dam~ The largest hydropower plant in the world regarding the annual capacity.
  • Laguna Blanca~ according to specialists, Laguna Blanca is the only natural lake of the country. Many camping sites are available so tourists may enjoy the beautiful natural lake.


Paraguay is a constitutional republic. The government has three branches. A judicial, executive, and a legislative. The president is the head of the executive branch and the Commander in Chief. The judicial branch is made of nine Supreme Court justices. The legislative branch is called congress which is composed of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.


The climate of Paraguay consists of a subtropical climate in the Paranena region and a tropical climate in the Chaco. During the summer in Paraguay, the dominant influence on the climate is the the warm cirocco winds blowing out of the Northeast. Paraguay has a rainy season from April to October. Because of the great heat and rain, the best time to visit Paraguay is in the winter months between May and September.