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Hey 1st Impressions Teammates!

If you are a brand new stylist or you've been enjoying your gig for years...

If you'd like to add sales to your month...

If you have NOTHING in your trunk show pipeline or if you have loads of style sessions planned...

If you have ZERO stylists on your downline, or you have many...

If you want to jumpstart your biz or keep the momentum going to earn ANY & ALL LEVELS OF GLAM...

Listen to what Sam Tunador did to boost her biz for inspiration then copy, paste and edit her words to say so they're your own.

Sam reached out to 272 people (153 about the opportunity and 119 about hosting style sessions)....and she got 63 YES's (23 are interested in learning more about the opportunity and 43 want to host). How AMAZING is that??? If you just keep reaching out...the business will come!

Click below to hear her own words of how it all rolled out:

Copy and Paste Words Below

June Style Session Words to Say:

Hi Cathy!

I hope you are already enjoying the start of a fun summer ahead. I've been thinking of you as our latest Stella & Dot Collection just came out and thought of how fun it would be to get your friends together for 90 mins and kick off summer in style! It's a perfect way to catch up with everyone before we all scatter in different directions. It'd be fun to get you loads of new summer for FREE. As another plus, we're raising funds for the Sunshine Kids Foundation ( this month so a win-win for all. I've got a few spots left. How about a Wine and Shine or a BBQ and Baubles? I have the 18th or the 20th available. I'll call you tomorrow to chat.

When Opportunity Knocks, Let Your Girlfriends In!

Words to Say about our Stylist Opportunity and Awesome June Special!

Hi Gretchen! It’s Carrie with Stella & Dot. I hope you are doing well! This may be from left field, but I was thinking about you & thought you might be open to the idea or know someone who would LOVE to be a rep for our line! I wanted to run it by you of course because you’ve shopped with me and hopefully adore your pieces!! The opportunity with Stella & Dot is huge right now as we launch into a full clothing line. Being a rep you can wear and share it on the go this summer with friends & family and earn a little extra “fun money” or some serious vacay funds while also earning some amazing FREE accessories and now apparel too! Would love to share more and hear your thoughts if you are open to doing so?
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Then following up...

Circling back to see if you caught my message... and major PS! I had no idea this was going to happen but we launched a sign on special today with an extra $150 in free product!! Pop over to my site and look around. Pick out $500 worth of accessories for $199 and you will be in business! It’s super simple and very worth it!!

No time like the present, it's DOUBLE POINTS MONTH!

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Let's Do This Together!

Reach out to your upline or me if we can help you in anyway!



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