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Nov. 6, 2020

Vocations Message

Therefore I, the prisoner of the Lord,

implore you to walk in a manner worthy

of the calling with which you have been called, Eph 4:1

I love that Sacred Heart of Jesus parish has so many men in the seminary. I have never said that I completely got this marriage/parent vocation - but there is a book I love, called A Catholic Parent's Tool Box, Raising Healthy Families in the 21st Century. Each chapter has a list regarding the parenting topic (such as being good winners, when heroes fall, forgiveness, sexuality, etc). One of the chapters on self-giving children lists the following: 1. Tell you children God has a plan for their lives. 2. Nurture a love for Scripture. 3. Keep kids connected to a faith community. 4. Invest in their talents and interests. 5. Encourage to try other activities. 6. Practice giving back with them. 7. Realize that very few individuals become "superstars".

Once my son (that is in the seminary) asked his father when he was young if he wanted him to be a priest. My husband beautifully answered that we want him to do what makes him happiest. George, on the vocation website, states that is one reason he is discerning, because he knows that he will be happiest in his life if he follows God's plan for him.

As we wrap up vocation's week, let us thank God for His plan. Let us always pray for the vocations of our children. We Are ONE!

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