Gregor Mendel

Father of Modern Genetics

Early Accomplishments

Some of Mendel's successes were being in gifted classes, and getting scholarships. There were some downsides also. His family was very poor, and he failed his exams many times.



Mendel wanted to know how to create hybrid apple trees, so he experimented with pea plants. He used pea plants to model apple trees because apple trees took forever to grow, and pea plants didn't take as long. Pea plants didn't give off enough information that Mendel needed to prove anything.

Scientist Reactions

When Mendel published his work, scientists were not impressed. They thought his information was useless because the scientists already knew the information.

Father of Genetics

Mendel died before he could see what he did for the world of genetics. The information he gathered provided the foundation to study genetics. A group of scientists were able to tell others how traits worked.

Data from Experiments




This describes the types of apples there are.

Different Types of traits


Definition: Gene that will overpower another gene.

Example: Brown eyes


Definition: Gene that gets covered up by a dominant gene.

Example: Grey, green, hazel, and blue eyes


Definition: Gene that is neither dominate or recessive

Example: One eye is blue and the other is green