Chapter 11 Fact Sheet

"The Outsiders"

Character Involvement

  • Ponyboy
  • Darry
  • Randy

Character Development

  • Ponyboy's mental state is unbalance.
  • Darry is showing a softer side to Ponyboy that he has never experienced from Darry.
  • Randy is sick and tired of all the fighting between the Socs and the Greasers and is mature enough to realise that fighting doesn't solve anything and he just wants to move on with his life.

Setting of Chapter

  • The Curtis's house
  • Ponyboy's bedroom



Violence isn't physically shown in this chapter but has affected Ponyboy mentally. The murder of Bob has meant Ponyboy is going to court with Randy and isn't feeling awfully happy. This shows that violence causes more problems than just a bruised face.

Judging others:

Ponyboy realises that he knew nothing about Bob, he just assumed he was a bad guy.

Ponyboy knew Cherry didn't just like Bob because he was handsome. Ponyboy wishes he had taken time to know the real Bob.

Rish versus Poor (socioeconomic status):

Randy visited Ponyboy the day before there hearing and explained to Ponyboy how nervous he is. Ponyboy found it funny that Randy was nervous. Ponyboy knew whatever fine Randy was given he could pay it off, but he didn't know if he could.


When Randy talked about Johnny infront of Ponyboy, Ponyboy went off his head. Ponyboy hasn't come to terms with Johnny's death and is very fragile and is missing Johnny dearly.

Important Quotes

"I had never given Bob much thought" Pg. 195

"Johnny is not dead." My vioce was shaking. "Johnny is not dead." Pg. 200

"Don't ever say anything to him about Johnny," I heard Darry say in a low vioce as they went out. "He's still pretty racked up mentally and emotionally. The doc saif he'd get over if we gave him time." Pg. 200

"Maybe you can be a littke neater, huh, little buddy?" He'd never called me that beofore. Soda was the only one he ever called "little buddy." Pg. 201

Significant Events

  • Ponyboy reflects on how little he knew about Bob
  • Randy comes to visit Ponyboy