Jim Starks

Rebels Without a Cause

Character Traits


Jim stark is lonely because he has no friends. The main reason he has no friends is because his parents are constantly moving every time one little thing goes wrong. He feels like he can't talk to his parents because they are constantly fighting.

Wants a Male Role Model

He gets mad because his dad never stands up for himself against his wife. He's not very good with words so when his dad is on the ground picking up food and wearing a woman's apron, he is unable to tell his dad to take get up and take it off. He just has a look of disgust on his face. He also wants a straight answer from his dad about keeping his honor but his dad won't give him one. Jim snaps and attacks his dad.

Feels the Need to Keep His Honor

He gets pissed every time the other guys call him a chicken. When he is fighting with Buzz at the planetarium he also wants a fair fight with him without using knives. Also, he went to the cliff to do the chickie run even though he knew it was wrong. He did it to keep his dignity.

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Rebel "With" a Cause

Although the title of the movie is Rebel Without a Cause, Jim actually does have a cause. The main thing that makes him mad is his family. His parents are constantly fighting and his dad won't be a man. He wants a male role model in his life and that should be his father. But his father is quite a wuss. His wife pretty much owns him and he never stands up for himself. Jim wanted fatherly advice from him before going to the chicken run but his dad couldn't give him a straight answer. After the chickie run was over Jim asked him for a straight answer and when his dad didn't give him one then either, that's when Jim really snapped and attacked his dad. He hates being called a chicken because he doesn't want to be like his dad.

Significance of the Mansion

The significance of the abandoned mansion in the movie was that it was a place to go to. It was a place that the three "rebels" could call a home, where there would be no trouble. Their families were not there to fight with them or not love them. It was just a place where they could be alone. The group of guys that was trying to hurt them was not there to hurt them. (Well they didn't think the guys would find them there anyways) It was just sort of a safe place that they could go to.

Belonging and Family

The main theme of this movie is belonging and family. The main reason the three teens are rebels is because they have family problems. Jim wants his dad to be a man and for his parents to stop fighting. Judy wants her father to love her. Plato wants his father to come home and for his mother to be around for him. None of these kids feel like they have a family that they belong in, or even a set of friends. So not feeling like they belong anywhere is the main reason that the three teens are rebels.

If Buzz hadn't died, do you think he would have been good?

If Buzz hadn't died, I think he would have let Jim in his group of friends. He didn't really want to fight Jim in the first place but his friends kind of egged him on and convinced him to beat him up. Also, when they were by the cliff alone at the chickie run, Buzz said that he likes Jim and that he was just doing this for honor. I think the main reason Buzz was being a jerk to Jim was just to put on a show for his friends and keep his title.