Gateway Family Newsletter (English)

November 2020

Terry Burton, Principal (

Molly Egan, Asst. Principal (

Important Upcoming Events


Nov. 3rd---No School, Election Day and Professional Development Day

Nov. 4th ---No School, Building Based Professional Development Day

Nov. 25th, 26th and 27th---No School, Thanksgiving Recess


Dec. 11th---Second Quarter Ends

Dec. 14th thru Jan. 1st---No School, Winter Recess


Jan. 4th---No School, Teacher Planning/Professional Development Day

Jan. 5th---Third Quarter Begins

Jan. 15th---No School, Building Based Professional Learning Day

Jan. 18th---No School, Martin Luther King Day

Notes From The Office

Please remember that classes will not be in session for Gateway Elementary students on Tues., Nov. 3rd and Wed., Nov. 4th. These days are set aside as teacher professional development days. Also, please remember that school will not be in session Nov. 25th, 26th and 27th due to Thanksgiving Recess.

Welcome Back To In Person Learning!!

See just a few of our safety measures pictured below.

Safe Arrival To School

At Gateway, the safety of our students and staff continues to be our number one priority. Please remember that Gateway students that do not attend Kid’s Club should not be arriving at school before 8:35 AM. Breakfast is free for all Gateway students and will be offered each morning at 8:35 am upon students' entry. The school day begins each morning at 8:50 AM.

Leaving children at school prior to 8:35 AM creates an unsafe situation, due to the fact that teachers are not on duty until 8:35 AM. If you need to drop your child off prior to 8:35 AM, please consider using Kids Club. Kids Club is a before and after school program administered by the Omaha Schools Foundation for children attending Omaha Public Elementary Schools. If you are interested in enrolling your child in Kids Club or have questions regarding specific hours and fees, please call the Omaha Schools Foundation Office at (531) 299-0250.

Buffet Award for Outstanding Teachers

Recognize those that make a difference every day.

If you and your child would like to recognize a teacher for outstanding work, please write a letter of nomination to The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation. It doesn’t have to be formal; don’t worry if you don’t write well. Letters should be a heartfelt expression of why you believe that this teacher would be a worthy candidate for the Buffett Award. Nominations can also be submitted online at:

Emergency Drills @ Gateway

At Gateway we follow the Standard Response Protocol (SRP). SRP is a series of clear, concise actions established to provide consistency in vocabulary and response during an emergency situation. SRP uses four actions: “Lockout”, “Lockdown”, “Shelter in Place” and “Evacuate”. The purpose of the SRP is to align our emergency response protocols and procedures with the local law enforcement and other school districts in the Omaha metro area.

Each year, during the first few weeks of the school year, our students and teachers practice these very important procedures. I'm including an English/Spanish handout that explains the procedures that we practice. Please take a moment to review these actions with your child. Don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher or me if you have any questions or concerns.

Help Recognize Our Amazing Gateway Staff

If you would like to help recognize Gateway's amazing staff members we could use your help!!!

Simply drop off or mail a $5-$10 gift card to Gateway's main office. Not sure where to get a gift card?? We will gladly take your $5-$10 donation and purchase a gift card for you.

Once a week we will randomly select one Gateway staff member, take their photo and present them with a gift card!! To each gift card that is donated, we will attach the Gateway family's name, so the staff member will know who donated the gift card!! Pictures will be shared in our monthly family newsletter!! Participation is strictly voluntary.

Thanks in advance for helping to recognize our dedicated, hard working, loving staff members at Gateway Elementary!!

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Nebraska Family Helpline

Raising kids is hard. It’s okay to ask for advice. The Nebraska Family Helpline is a free, confidential resource for parents who have questions regarding their child’s behavior. Trained counselors are standing by. Have a question? Give them a call at 1-888-866-8660.