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Newsletter 10th August 2023

From the principal

Kia ora koutou

2024 Staffing Update

In preparation for 2024 Maungatapere School staffing, I have been working behind the scenes with the leadership team and Board of Trustees to anticipate the implications of the primary teacher collective agreements on school classroom release staffing.

At present teachers get 2 days per term or 8 days per year CRT, where the school employs another teacher to take their class. This release allows extra time to plan, assess or focus on professional development. The new teacher collective agreement will entitle each teacher to (3 days Term 1 & 2, 2024), (4 days term 3 & 4 2024) and (5 days each term from 2025). This effectively takes the total school CRT release from 120 days per year to 300 days in 2025. In 2025 a teacher will have 1 day per fortnight release.

With the CRT coming into effect in 2024 and 2025, the deputy principal’s current organisation will not work. They would be out of class more than in. Therefore, the board of trustees has supported my plan to fully release both deputy principals for 2024.

Permanent classroom teaching positions are now advertised. With one existing position and two new classroom positions, we will be looking at a possible reshuffle of teachers to create the strongest possible teaching teams, at junior, middle and senior levels. This process will take until the end of term. Once, teachers are finalised I will communicate with parent/caregivers to keep you informed. The next stage during Term 4 will be 2024 classroom lists.

Ag Day

‘Lamb and goat Day Care’ numbers were boosted earlier this week, from a lonely lamb to 6 lambs and 1 goat. These animals’ parents have been enjoying taking responsibility and spending time with them. There are many regular student visitors throughout the day to the pens. This is great to see. Just a reminder if the lamb/goat has runny poo, please leave it home so that other animals do not get sick in our ‘Day Care Pen.’ 54 out 334 students have not yet registered for Ag Day. Thank you to all those who have registered. I will follow up with these children to get them to remind parents to register them for their ‘one home project’. Either enter this yourself at this link…. Or email me with your child’s name, room number and project at and I will enter it.

On Wednesday, baby chicks were delivered to school for very excited children to take home to raise for Ag day. Like many out there, I have 10 lambs at home with more to come, so animals have definitely started arriving on the scene.

Y7/8 Science Fair

It was a pleasure to see science fair alive and well at Maungatapere School in our three senior rooms. The whole school was able to enjoy a walk-through of their exhibits on the 20th of July, where the students were available to explain either their technology or science investigations. Science Fair is a competition, as well as a learning focus for all involved. Twenty of our Y7/8 students have been chosen by our school judges to represent Maungatapere School at the Central Northland Science Fair at Forum North on the 28th of August. I have been impressed with the quality of the whole senior schools exhibits and wish them well at this event. Well done to the following students…


On the last week of this term the Y7/8 speech finalists will represent our school at the Maungakahia Valley Lions Speech Competition. As part of preparing students for competitive speeches at Y7/8 level, the Y5/6 syndicate have been enthusiastically writing speeches and increasing confidence speaking in front of an audience. Over the last week, I have had the pleasure of hearing a range of Y5/6 speech topics, as the children have practised either in class, outside or like Vivien through my office window. Vivien, was proud that she had finished her speech, so I asked her to practise on me. I could name many more students and their topics, but what stands out is the infectious enthusiasm of these learners. Today (Wednesday as I write this), the Y5/6 syndicate were sharing speeches together in the hall. I was asked to pick someone who wanted to speak in front the three classes. Many children put up their hands. The school motto of ‘Make it Happen’ is alive and well. Well done to Miss Ruth, Miss Hepi and Mr Kini for encouraging such infectious learning.

The Y7/8 will also be working on speeches with the extra challenge of a competitive competition to select finalists to represent the school. I look forward to more infectious enthusiasm, and children moving outside of their comfort zone.

Old unwanted landline telephones

Mrs Goodison would like a couple of unwanted line line phones for the kids to take apart and learn about. If you have one laying around please call the office.

Science Fair

Students representing Maungatapere School at the central Northland Science Fair.

Devon Neumann - Do you Eat With Your Eyes.

Arabella Chapman - Milk'n It

Holly Duffy - Tyre House

Annie Cullen - Erosion

Liam Robson - The Icy Test

Cultin Hood - Eco Gaming Stand

Jacob Spratt - Death To Wandering Dew

Hannah Brown - Peskey Pests

Katie Holmes-Libbis - Woolly Gardens

Chloe Cliff - Our Waterways

Isla Wright - Free Coffee

Eva-Grace Gemmell - Bottle of the Bateria

Jacob Oxford - Lets Get Moving

Hunter Anson - My Class is Very Clean (not)

Charlie Sparks - Are you Bready for Some Mould

Alexis Magee - Lick it or Not

Eden Watson-Meyer - Going Green While you Eat

Annelise McDonald - Fizzy vs Teeth

Ava Neumann - Tuna ā Tātou Taonga

Loretta Lambly - Bacterial Material

whats coming up!

11 Aug Youth Summit

15 Aug Cake Stall & Mufti

17 Aug Teddy Bear Picnic

18 Aug Taniwha Challenge

22 Aug WGHS Enrolment Interviews at Maungatapere School

23 Aug School Cross Country

25 Aug Daffodil Day

30 Aug Barge Park Cross Country

2-8 Sep Aims Games

11-15 Sep Book Fair Week

12 Sep Year 7/8 Speech Competitions

20 Sep Mangakahia Lions Speech Competition

21 Sep Pizza Day

22 Sep End of Term 3

9 Oct First Day - Term 4

28 Oct Ag Day

Teddy Bear Picnic

On Thursday 17th of August there will be a teddy bear picnic and a free sausage sizzle!

12.25 Meet at the top court for your teddy bear picnic and to eat with your friends!

Picnic blankets optional, you may wear anything PJ related but please not normal clothing.

Please wear you pj's.

Each person can have one sausage in bread.

Please bring your full lunch.

The parade will be held at the bottom court but if wet the parade will be at the top court.

Remember to have fun.

Maungatapere School council.

This is a fun free event, organised by the school council and supported by the PTA. (Thanks PTA)

NO gold coin donation

NO prizes - just fun

FREE sausage - sponsored by our wonderful PTA

School Awards

Elijah Trask Room 4 Outstanding effort practising all his sounds and making his learning happen.

Ksenia Coleman Room 11 For being such a responsible learner.

Lucy Sparks Room 14 For being a motivated, focussed learner. Always determined to reach her goals. Keep it up Lucy!

Casey Williams Room 10 For making your learning happen in reading.

Ishana Ram Room 1 Outstanding effort on Maths Buddy - completed 80 tasks so far.

Ever Davidson Room 1 For putting in lots of effort and making her learning happen.

Kaylin Ruawhare Room 3 For willingly stepping up and leading others and consistently being a wonderful role model for others.

Max Kelly Room 12 For persevering with tricky work to make his learning happen.

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Year 5/6 Speeches

Josh Smith - Speech topic: Muscle cars

Did you know that the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 is the fastest muscle car in the world with over 1,025 horsepower? And that is Bugatti speed. Hi my name is Josh and I am going to talk about muscle cars.

If you don’t know what a muscle car is, it is cool, fast and old fashioned. General Motors opened in 1949 and made the first muscle car, the Oldsmobile-rocket 88.

You might be wondering what is the most popular muscle car? The most popular muscle car is the Ford Mustang.

The king of muscle cars is… drum roll please…. Yes it is the Dodge Challenger again. The slowest muscle car is the Mercury Cougar XRT. O-60 km/h in 9.3 sec. That is still quite fast. Like you think, your normal car won’t get to 0-60 that fast.

Last year for my birthday I went to the last ever V8 Supercars at Pukekohe and sat in a muscle car. That was the first muscle car I have sat in in my life and is what made me fall in love with them.

And a couple of days ago, I got to go for a ride in a muscle car. It was so fast and so cool. The car was a black Dodge Challenger SRT and on Kokopu Block Road we went from 0-60 miles per hour in 6 seconds. This was one of the best things I have done in my life.

When I grow up, I’m definitely going to own a muscle car or two. Thank you for listening.

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Kayden Compaan – Speech Topic: Blobfish

Hi my name is Kayden and I’m here to tell you about the Blobfish.

Blobfish are quite big for a fish weighing in at an average of 9.5kgs and they can grow to a length of 70cm. They eat crustaceans, sea urchins and molluscs. They have no enemies except humans.

Now that you know that here are some facts.

Blobfish are an endangered species that can live up to 100 years old in the wild that’s

very impressive.

Why do Blobfish look so weird, Blobfish don’t have much bone or muscle allowing the water the water pressure to provide their body with structural support.

When Blobfish look blobby they have been ripped to the surface and suffered severe tissue damage because they are used to a lot of pressure.

Blobfish are found between 600.456 and 1200.912 metres deep and in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans.

If Blobfish had a swim bladder which is a gas filled sac which most fish, use to control buoyancy but if Blobfish had a swim bladder it would implode which means to collapse violently inwards.

Some people eat Blobfish, would you try a bit of Blobfish?

By Kayden.C

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Xanthe Wiseman - Speech Topic: Swimming

Splash!!! I dove into the water. Swimming is an amazing sport to do. Hi, my name is Xanthe and today I will be talking about swimming and why I love it so much.

There are many different styles of swimming and the main three are… Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle and if you are ready for something harder how about butterfly?

My favourite style is breaststroke because it is easy and you look like a silly frog. Also if you don’t like getting you hair wet most of the time you have your head up.

My go to stroke in the ocean is… Cane you guess it? That’s right it is breaststroke. Swimming is important because without knowing how to swim you could drown.

Another swimming activity is Surf Life Saving, which is great because you save people’s lives and know how to get out of Rip.

Rips are dangerous so always remember/do the three R’s – RELAX / RAISE and RIDE. If you didn’t know that now you do.

RELAX means – to float on your back and don’t panic. RAISE means – to raise your hand high so you can be seen. And finally RIDE – this is where you ride the rip until you are safe.

Thank you for time and attention, I hope that you learnt something that you didn’t know. Keep swimming and stay safe in the water

By Xanthe Wiseman

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Ag Day

Mountain View Rest home Visit

Mrs Jenkins has been taking each class over to our local Rest Home so the kids can share the morning with the residents.

Girls Only Rippa Rugby

Northland Rugby Union are excited to share our GIRLS ONLY Rippa Rugby Module is set to start back up next Wednesday 16th August.

The module will run every Wednesday afternoon for 5 consecutive weeks.

The first round of games starts at 4:20pm and the last round of games finishes at 6:20pm.

There are 2 different grades available.

Grade 1 = 8-10 year olds.

Grade 2 = 11 – 13 year olds.

Rippa Rugby is 7 aside and teams can have subs as well.

All the belts and tags will be provided!

It is simply an amazing opportunity for girls to give rugby a go in a safe and fun environment.

You can either put a team together or join an existing team.

Contact Leo Palmer for more information and registration.

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WGHS Enrolments 2024 - Call the Maungatapere School Office to make an enrolment appointment

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THANK YOU!! To our generous sponsors

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