Beautiful Creatures

By: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl - grace bedell

About the Authors

Kami Garcia is the number one New York Times bestseller. She is the co-author of Beautiful Creatures. She was born in Washington DC and as a little girl she loved to write poetry and read. Kami is also the author of Unbreakable, and the first paranormal solo series.Margaret Stohl is the other author of Beautiful Creatures, She has made the series of Icons and had a great success from that. These two amazing authors teamed up to make Beautiful Creatures.

Book Summary

The book Beautiful Creatures is a love story, and a super-natural story combined into one. This book is about a young man named Ethan, he has lived in Gatlin ever since he was born and his life was never the most fun filled but this is a young man who falls in love with a girl who he doesn't even know he just sees her in his dreams. There was nothing exciting about Ethan's town till Lena came along. Lena Duchannes is the new girl at school everyone knew there was something different about her, She had the craziest uncle that Gatlins ever seen so no one wanted to talk to her. Except Ethan. Ethan and Lena fall deeply in love with each other but the only thing keeping them apart is Lena's sixteenth birthday, she doesn't know if she will be chosen to be with the good casters or bad. There is a lot of secret things hidden in this small boring town. Lena doesn't want to hurt Ethan but little does she know that he is the only thing saving her from the things attacking her. In the small town of Gatlin there was Big secrets hiding underneath it.

My Review

I think this book was one of the best books that I have read, I would recommend this book to anyone who likes cheesy love stories,or people who liked the twilight series.This book is everything you would want in a story with dramatic scenes, a romantic adventure, and also a supernatural experience.
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The theme is that you can make your own future and you dont need to have society or anyone else tell you what you can and cant be.


Caster: A Caster is similar to a witch or wizard but they only use spells.

Claming: The claming occurs on a Female Caster's sixteen birthday, she will find out if she has been chosen with the good caster's or the bad.