Quarter 3 Reading Reflection

Be The Best You

"The Hoopster"-Alan Lawrence Sitomer

To improve on yourself and to learn that you can help yourself more than anyone else can is essential. The first step is to believe you are the best for the job, regardless of what it is you're doing. In the book "The Hoopster", Andre is the main character and is a newspaper writer. He makes choices in the story that will effect his life forever in a positive way.

Rich Dad Poor Dad-Robert T. Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a educational book that teaches you how to change your life financially with a multi step process. It all comes down to learning new things and making good habits. The author talks about what he did to become the best him.

The Main Idea

Both of these books clearly represent the absolute importance of becoming successful in becoming happy with who you are. They believed in themselves and worked hard to improve everything about them.