December 15, 2015

Greetings from your Timberlin Creek Elementary Parent Teacher Organization (TCE PTO)!

We hope that you and your family are settling into another successful school year.

The TCE PTO News offers you information about upcoming PTO events, fundraising opportunities, membership, and meetings.

Remember: Wear your Spirit Wear every Friday to show your school spirit and be eligible for class prizes.

Did you know ...?

  • When you are volunteering for a PTO event or simply helping out your teacher, art supplies are available in each of the houses?
    Volunteers should always check the house supplies before going to the Art room for supplies. If you visit the Art room, please coordinate with the teacher.
  • Teachers are always available to parents/guardians, and they love your help! However, if you are coming in to assist the school in other areas, please respect their instructional time and do your best to not disrupt them. If you would like to visit the classroom, it is always best schedule the visit with your student's teacher so that everyone can prepare.
  • If you purchased a Square 1 Art cell phone case or canvas art, your order is on back order. We will send the order home with your student as soon as it arrives.

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PTO Needs You!

Shadowing Opportunities

While this year is just getting off to a roaring start, we are already looking ahead to next year. We have a few positions that we will be opening up next year. Now is the perfect time to start shadowing those people who hold these positions this year so you can have a head start and be well on your way to success next year. Keep in mind that none of these positions require you to be the lead for this school year. This is just an opportunity to work closely with the current chair and learn the ropes.



  • Provides a monthly budget update at board meetings.

  • Handles monies collected and dispensed by PTO.

  • Keeps an accurate accounting of these funds.

  • Collects monies at events.

Holiday House Chair

  • Plan and coordinate Holiday House (Holiday Student store) in December.

  • Shops year-round for Holiday House sales items.

School Spirit Sales Coordinators

  • Coordinates promoting, ordering, selling, and distributing school spirit wear and related items.

  • Sets up School Spirit Sales event at Orientations with supplemental events, as needed.

Community Partner Marketing Manager

  • Works in tandem with Community Partner Relationship Manager.

  • Responsible for marketing opportunities for Partners within school.
    Example: standardized logo creation, lobby signage, parent pick up signs

  • Maintain Community partner website.
    Note: This position requires strong computer skills and Photoshop type software proficiency.

Membership Coordinator

  • Promotes PTO membership year round.

  • Organizes the membership drive in the fall.

  • Promotes teacher membership.

  • Obtains fall teacher gifts.

If you are interested in shadowing any of these positions, email Dawn Evans or Pam Strub.

Volunteer Opportunities

TCE and your PTO are in need of your help. Sign up to be a general volunteer today! We will send you emails about upcoming volunteer opportunities at home, in the classroom, Cafeteria, and Media Center, or at PTO events. Simply sign up for the opportunities that interest you and fit in to your schedule. (You make the choice. We won't sign you up for anything without your permission.)

Interested in volunteering at TCE? Contact Carri Grass.

PTO Meeting

Monday, Jan. 11th 2016 at 10am-12pm

555 Pine Tree Ln

St Augustine, FL

Please join us in the Dark Blue House another informative PTO meeting. ALL are welcome to join. Come and see your PTO is all about! Your presence does not obligate you to volunteer for any event. Just join us to discover what we have in store for the rest of year!

Other 2015-2016 funding initiatives include:

Computers and Safety

  • New computers and laptops school wide
  • Otterbox cases for all iPads
  • Upgrades of the school security system for our children’s’ safety
  • Web-based instructional programs the PTO (example: IXL) for all grade levels

Field Trips

  • Field trip funds for all grade levels
  • Field trip t-shirts for all grade levels

Fun Family Events

  • Mother/Son Event
  • Father/Daughter Dance
  • Holiday House (students do their own holiday shopping)

Future Initiatives

  • Shading for both playgrounds
  • Benches outside of the Café for students and parents

Art, Media, Music, and PE Supplies

Business Partners: Partners in Education

Visit our TCE Business Partners:
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