Racing The River Ogmore

Día Uno (as Mr Murphy would say!!!)

By Waris

During our first day here at Margam discovery centre, we met our tutor Dave who then gave us a tour of the facilities. This tour was followed by a much needed break for the students to familiarise themselves with their new welsh surroundings. After that we travelled to a nearby river on foot to practice our sampling techniques and get used to the equipment we are going to use tomorrow. Overall, our first day here has been quite the revelation geography wise, we have all learnt a lot and we look forward to tomorrow.

Awards of the Day

Each day we will award students for the things they do during the day.

Today's Awards:

Big Splash - Wiktor for being the first to fall over into the river.

Silly Statement - Twambie for wondering why there are lots of Welsh people around.

Watch Out for the Door - Cheyenne for banging her head on the door after successfully opening it.