The North and South Times

Fame for The Water Frame

Richard Arkwrights invention

Englishman Richard Arkwright has just invented the brand new "water Frame!" For people who sew cotton, this will speed up production by a lot! The water frame allows the user to produce dozens of cotton threads at the same time. The way it works is the water frame uses flowing water as a source of energy. Therefore you use them by near rivers and streams. Now merchants are hiring people to work in the mills. The speed of textile production is now rocketing towards a greater future.

Richard Arkwright was born in Preston, 1732. He was the son of a tailor. He was unable to go to school, so his cousin Ellen taught him to read and write. He began to work as a barber until his first wife died and became a entrepreneur. he then got married to his second wife Margaret Biggins in 1761.

The North And South Times