Capitalism and Communism

The goods of Capitalism and Communism


I believe this would be good and bad thing in many sorts of ways. But one of the best reasons why capitalism would benefit you is if you were especially if you were a doctor, because if you were a doctor then you would be able to get paid as much as you deserve. And what i mean by that, is lets say you make $140,000 as a Doctor here in america. You wouldn't be able to make even close to that if you were in a communism country. That's why a lot of people move here while being doctors because they are able to be better then equal.
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Like the capitalism, I can explain the goods and bad. But i would prefer this to be in my country if lets say i feel like ever one should be on a equal pay, Equal size houses, equal everything. But if you were to be in a country that's government is a communism state, it wouldn't be the ideal place for doctors for instance. Because it doesn't really matter how long you went to college or how much you should get paid. All that matters to them really is if everyone is treated nearly about them same. But although doctors in communist governments probably still make more then others, it's nothing like the doctors do in the United States.
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