Year 1

Weekly Newsletters

Week 2

Units of work for this term are: 'Workers in the Community' and 'Weather'

Topic talks for this term will include impromptu speeches given during class. Others are:

Weeks 2 and 3

Prepare a draft persuasive speech for the public speaking competition. Children will rehearse this in class and try to improve it each week. The speech can be on a topic of any choice.

Week 4

Present speeches

Week 5

Using the feedback provided during last week's presentations, the speeches will be repeated and the best three speeches will be involved in a 'talk off' with Year 2 children.

Week 6

Stage 'talk off'

Week 7

Emergency Services

Select one emergency service and explain how it helps the community and why it is important.

Week 8

Weather investigation

Investigate the weather in another country. Explain why it is different or similar to the weather in our area.

Week 9

Workers in the Community

Select one community worker and discuss their role in the community.

Week 10

Weather: My favourite season

What is your favourite season? Why is it your favourite?

Last week was a particularly busy one. Miss McNevin joined us and has been a fantastic asset to our class. The children enjoyed their visit to the Life Education van and their CHIMES lesson with Mark. They participated in what was a very emotional Anzac Day ceremony. I was very proud of them and, in particular, Amelie and Annika, who spoke about their great grandfather, Victor Hiscock, who fought in France during World War 1.

Thank you to Mrs Sheath, who took some great photos of the children on the last day of term 1.