Ms. Patinka's Classroom Newsletter

January 2015

Second Semester

Wow! Second semester is already here! I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by. I am excited to see student growth and achievement skyrocket this semester! Please encourage your children to keep working hard and doing their best each day.

Curriculum Updates

We will be very busy third quarter! Students will be learning and applying many new skills in writing, reading, math, and science.

Writing: Students have been immersed in argumentative texts the past few weeks. We have explored the organization and structure of argumentative essays. Students will be picking a topic for their essays and will begin writing their own essays this quarter. We will be learning how to write distinctive main reasons, how to be aware of our audience and acknowledge alternate points of view, and how to research to find facts and statistics to support our argument.

Reading: This quarter we will be working on completing a fiction unit and a poetry unit. Our fiction unit consists of analyzing Greek Mythology. Students will be exploring plot, setting, characters, inferencing, main idea, details, theme, context clues, compare/contrast, and summarizing during this unit. For our poetry unit we will be reading Love that Dog and exploring elements of poetry as well as the fiction skills listed above for the mythology unit.

Math: Fractions, fractions, fractions! Students will be able to extend their understanding of fraction equivalence and ordering, build fractions from unit fractions by applying and extending previous understandings of operations with whole numbers, and understand decimal notation for fractions, and be able to compare and order decimal numbers.

Science: We are currently finishing up social studies and will move on to studying science this quarter. Our first science unit will be a study of nutrition. Next, we will move on to a study of rocks and minerals. Hopefully, we will be able to fit an introductory unit to forces and motion (specifically magnetism) at the end of third quarter.

Upcoming Dates

  • 1/18/16: No School MLK Day
  • 1/19/16: No School for Students/Teacher Workday
  • 1/26/16: Chic-fil-a Night
  • 1/28/16: Report Cards
  • 1/29/16: First Semester Award Ceremony
  • 2/3/16: Early Release Day
  • 2/15/16: No School for Students/Teacher Workday