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A message from Ms. Robinson...

Together we make a FAMILY!

Greetings Red Imp Family! I hope you all are remaining safe and healthy. It is also my hope that you all have been able to create cherishable family memories while you are at home.

The focus of this newsletter is to provide the community with clarification of how we will handle yearbook distribution, returning school-issued instruments, picking up athletic gear, or picking up personal items from lockers.

Mooresville Middle School will continue to follow our Virtual MMS Schedule until Thursday, May 21, this newsletter also highlights what the last few weeks of school will include.


Ayana Robinson

MMS Proud Principal

Ms. Robinson (Principal):

Ms. Pratt-Dixon (7th Grade Assistant Principal):

Ms. Marshall (8th Grade Assistant Principal):

Mr. Akelman (Assistant Principal of Instruction):

Final 3 Weeks of School

May 14- Last day of new/review instruction during virtual classes.

May 15- All work submitted to teachers (final deadline)

May 18- May 21- classes will be held at normal online times and will be used for celebrations with students as teachers close out the year.

Plan for picking up/dropping off essential items

We have developed a plan for students to pick-up any essential items from the school. The linked document below provides more details.

Our current 7th graders do not need to pick up items from their gym lockers or personal lockers. We will keep everything secure over the summer. If you are a current 7th grader please only come to pick up items if they are of essential need. Logistically speaking, it will help us if 7th graders left their items in their lockers over the summer so we can distribute 8th-grade materials quickly and safely.

Mooresville Middle School will be available for drop off and pick-up on May 20th and May 21st between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Under no circumstances will students be permitted to enter the building.

Remember laptops are not being collected. If you do not want your child to have their device over the summer or if your child is withdrawing from MGSD to attend another school next year, you will need to turn in the laptop, charger brick, and 6-foot extension. Please bring the device and accessories to MGSD Technology Department, 574 W. McLelland Avenue (NF Woods Campus). The Technology Department will be available Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm. Please pull into the lower circle drive and call 704.658.2526 when you arrive to let us know you are there to return your equipment. For those students who will not be returning to a school within MGSD next year, you will be charged for items not returned and your student records will not be transferred to your new school until all returns are made.

MMS Student Drop Off/ Pick Up

Click this link for a logistical explanation of how drop off/ pick-up will be conducted on May 20th and May 21st. We will not collect laptops.


Refunds for field trips should be arriving in the mail throughout the week. If you do not receive your refund by Friday, May 22, please email Kathi Johnson (
EOY Grading and Student Promotion

Approved-NC State Board of Education-April 23, 2020 FAQ Document

2020-2021 MMS Registration

MMS Registration starts for our Rising 7th and 8th graders on Friday, April 3. Please visit this website to learn about the classes offered and to register for courses. Current 7th graders that means you!!!!!!

7th & 8th Grade Student Schedules

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