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February 18, 2014

Language Arts

Word Wall words: water, been, called, who, am
Phonics skill: long o spelled oa, ow
boat, coat, toad, coast, know, blow, throw, show, grow
more challenging words: reproach, bemoan, loathe, coasting

Due to the shortened week, sentence dictation on Friday, February 21.

Arthur Meets the President
: story mapping characters, setting, problem, solution; retelling a story with detail
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: punctuating sentences correctly
poems about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington: reading for fluency / recording on I touches.

In writing we will be working on creating a tree map about American symbols to be used for writing complete sentences.


*Showing amounts of money different ways
*Counting groups of coins
*Exploring measuring length

Science / Social Studies

*Identifying and explaining the national patriotic symbols of the Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, bald eagle and the flag

Mrs. McBride, our counselor, will be here on Tuesday for a lesson.


Six Flags Reading Incentive
If you have been keeping track of your child's 600 reading minutes to earn a ticket to Six Flags, remember that all forms are due by Friday, February 21. The forms must be signed by a parent.

Open House
Mark your calendars now for the school wide Open House on March 6 during Texas Public Schools Week. This will be a come and go event in the evening.

Spring Break
Spring Break will be March 10-14. School will resume on March 17th.