Smarty Party

If You're A Smarty, You'll Vote for our Party

Reasons to vote for our party

Are you not sure who you want to vote for? Well vote for us; the Smarty Party! We will lower tax prieces, and the prieces for healthcare and education becouse we know how inportant these things are for your famliy. We plan to bring the troops in Afganastan back home in 2014. Gas prieces will be lower and there will be more small jobs in our country. Small buisnesses will get a tax break of 20%. We will lower government spending which will encourage the citizens to get a job which will make buisnesses larger. So now do you know who to vote for?


(scout carruthers)

We, the Smarty Party, will build more jobs and small buisnesses. We understand that gas prices are getting too expensive, so we plan to give tax breaks to gas companies that lower gas prices. We will also lower taxes to 20% for small buisnesses.

Health Care

(florie vogtle)

We think lower prices for health insurence will encourage poeple to get health insurance. Teens under 20 should stay with thier parents health plan to make sure they stay safe.


(bebe holloway)

should be given to students who are willing to work hard. If they have lower than a average B their teacher needs a talk with the principal to see what they’ve been doing. The schools will get money from the defense system.


(grace russel)

We plan to keep the same number of troops in Afganistand. Also we plan to bring the troops home in 2014.

Thursday, Nov. 22nd 2012 at 5-10pm

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA