Candy cool with evaporation

Alexis farias


How would you keep your candy cool with the power of evaporation


I think that this will not even work because when you try to keep candy cool with evaporation and evaporation has to do with the sun




Small chocolate bars in there rapes

Paper strips

Drinking glass


And a bowl of room temperature watet



1-cut your paper towel sheets into strips that are about 3 inches wide

2-take one paper Towle srtip and wet it by dripping water on it .it should feel wet but not dripping.

3-keep the candies in there rapes and tightly wrapper another in the wet wrapper and the othere one in the dry paper towel and might need to be place with a small peace of tape

4-place the candies by side on the heatproof surface .place a glass upside down on the edge of the papper strips to keep the candies place .the

5-hold your hair dryer so the air will blow down over the candies .the hair dryer should be 8 inches above the candy

6-and use the time ,blow hot air with the hair dryer for 5 minutes

7-after 5 minutes, stop the dryer and observe how the papper Towle strips have change .remove the papper Towle strips and open the wrapper .

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So I got lots of research on how to keep your candy cool with evaporation and they say that some of them and said that they could melt .and the hair dryer has to be at 8 inches yo blow the hot air so the wet paper strip has to be wet so when the air hits the candy it's wold dry the paper strip


So once I did the my experment I saw the candy with the wet strip did not melt and was the sam and the candy in the dry paper towel strip was all melted
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So my hypothesis were wrong because I was suprise with the candy with the wet strip did not melt and I think that it had to do somethimg with the water .