Darwin's Four Postulates

By: Sofia Betanzo


Variation is Darwin's first postulate, and is the fact that no two people in the world are exactly the same, and have to vary. In other words, there has to be variation within species. Furthermore, Variation from how Darwin saw it, was a species variation, with small differences each, which might one day create a new species.Variation, is that the fact that species will change for generations to come. Even if species keep reproducing and so on, the species will constantly be changing and evolving.
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Inheritance Summary: Darwin's second postulate is Inheritance. Darwin believes that two animals will mate, and will crate an offspring with similar characteristics to both of the parents, but might be physically more similar to one parent than to the other as seen in the picture below. Inheritance are the traits that are passed on through generations. This traits may include diseases but also actual facts and traits. Inheritance also plays a part on your descendants and come from the genes of your parents etc...
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Differential Survival

Differential Survival Summary: Darwin believed in differential survival, which basically means that a population or a species needs resources and a space to live in, and if overpopulation occurs, only the fittest will survive. Furthermore, some animals are made to survive harder conditions. One example is bunnies. Bunnies with short tails and short ears can survive in the winter better than with long ones because they keep in heat. On the other hand, these bunnies wouldn't be able to survive in the dessert. The fittest wins in every different situation.
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Extinction Summary: Extinction is the last of Darwin's postulates, which is that extinction will eventually happen. More and more animals will die out, which goes along with survival of the fittest. Due to climate change, pollution, and killing of each other, species will eventually become extinct as it was occurred through history. Darwin believed this, but many didn't believe in extinction, and we have come to see it happen, more and more everyday.
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